Chasing Tahoe and The End of The 10,000 Mile Roll

After being on the road for three months and traveling twenty states, we couldn’t help but say, “Now what?”

Our friends at Chasing Sunrise had just the answer. If anyone knows how to celebrate, its Chasing Sunrise – a group of crazy awesome adventurers who hike mountains, climb rooftops, and ride gondolas before dawn to watch the sunrise for the sake of experiencing life to its fullest.  We teamed up with them to create a finale fit for a 10,000 mile journey: Chasing Tahoe.

We met with the Chasing Sunrise crew at 4 AM at the trailhead of Maggie’s Peak—an 8,500 ft summit overlooking Lake Tahoe. We weren’t the only ones familiar with road tripping to adventure; the Chasing Sunrise crew drove 1,000 miles from Canada to make it to the event (you can read about their incredible journey here )

The best part, however, was the 90+ people who had traveled overnight, camped, or drove to meet us for the event. With the help of some music from our MEGABOOMs and the light of our headlamps, our massive group made its way up the mountain.

We made it to the top just in time for the breathtaking sunrise. The view from the peak was one of the most beautiful sights of the trip, and it was incredible to share it with this group of interesting and awesome people we had just met at the base of the hike.

Looking at the view, we couldn’t help but be flooded with a feeling of both accomplishment and extreme gratitude. The past three months brought us incredible experiences and friendships, all tied together by our love for sharing music. The 10,000 Mile Roll was a crazy adventure, but anyone can do it – we were just two average people with a car who wanted to Make Music Social.

This was the adventure of a lifetime. Or was it? We have a feeling this isn’t a good-bye, just a see-you-later.

Introducing ‘Block Party’ for UE BOOM 2, UE MEGABOOM and UE ROLL

Today we’ve once again reinvented what a great speaker really can be by making our award-winning lineup of 360-degree speakers even more awesome with the introduction of ‘Block Party’ for UE BOOM 2, UE ROLL and UE MEGABOOM. This new feature gives music fans a new way to share and experience music.

Through any UE app, the Block Party feature lets three friends connect to a single UE BOOM 2, UE ROLL or UE MEGABOOM and use your favorite music services to share songs through the same speaker. Music fans are now in control like never before, with the power to channel their inner DJ by controlling the playlist and discovering new music all night long.

Plus, today’s app enhancement brings the much-loved UE BOOM 2 Tap Controls feature to UE MEGABOOM, so you can leave your phone in your pocket and play, pause and skip songs directly through your UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM, simply by tapping the top of the speaker.

The latest ground-breaking capabilities of our speakers build upon what the app already provides, including the ability to wake up in the morning to your favorite music through the alarm clock, custom-tune your speaker using the five-band equalizer, remotely turn on and off the speaker and pair multiple UE speakers through Double Up.

The app enhancement is available right now through the iOS® and Android™ app stores.



_47A4054 MEGA LIFESTYLE 2015 BOOM2 REV (1)


We hit the road immediately after our Kentucky adventures to make our way up to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the Color Run! This easily may have been one of our favorite stops on the trip. We loved the energy at the event, and it was the perfect spot for us to show up with our doubled-up MEGABOOMs. It took us a ridiculously long time to finish the race—we couldn’t help but stop a few times along the route to start dance parties.

After we made sure the entire car interior was covered in leftover Color Run dust, we headed to Detroit. We highly recommend exploring the city via a tandem bike (and tandem paired MEGABOOMs), then ending the day with thousands of awesome locals at the Detroit Slow Roll bike club ride. Nothing beats sharing your music with thousands of fellow bikers while riding through the urban streets of a historic city.

Next up was our dirtiest weekend of the trip (and that’s saying a lot). We spent the weekend camping at the incredibly fun Clays Park Resort, Ohio. We’ll never forget the awesome friends we made on the campground, who joined us in creating the greatest dance party the Warrior Dash Mud Run has ever seen. The best recipe for starting a dance party at a Mud Run is pretty simple, you only need one UE ROLL, one phone dry bag, and your 7 closest friends (added bonus if they all wear speedos, the same way ours did).

From this point on, we headed West for the long trip back to California. Our next stop was in Savanna, Illinois, where we adventured along the Mississippi River and learned we may not be the best at fishing. We were really excited about being surrounded by fields of corn during our long drives through this area—it meant miles and miles of ears for us to play music for.

Our time in Ames, Iowa was incredible and unforgettable. We met up with UE fan Paul Tong and his crew, the Third Party Trickers, an incredibly talented group of Iowa State University students that can do every awesome flip and trick imaginable. We spent our entire time in Ames with the Third Party Trickers at a local gym, blasting music and trying to land backflips.

We spent the following weekend with the Third Party Trickers at the Iowa State Fair, where all our meals were fried deliciousness. We decided to start a dance party in the middle of the fair, and it ended up being one of the largest and best Cupid Shuffle marathons we’ve ever been a part of (and we’ve been in quite a few).

Still feeling the fried Oreos, we drove directly to Winter Park, Colorado, an awesome adventure town in the Rocky Mountains. Garret spent his time there mountain biking as many trails as he could, and Savanah spent her time falling on said trails as much as possible.

After Winter Park we made a quick stop in Denver, where we spent the day working out with locals at the famous Amphitheater. Thank you to everyone who ran the stairs with us, we were glad we could provide the inspirational cardio tunes!

Our next stop was one of the craziest: backpacking through the Colorado wilderness (and up a mountain) to Conundrum Hot Springs. Neither of us had any backpacking experience, but we charged the trail, blasting music through our speakers for both inspiration and to scare away bears. Making it to the top and watching the stars come out while relaxing in a hot spring with fifty adventurous strangers who also made the climb was the most rewarding feeling of the trip. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t spend most of our time in the hot spring, meeting awesome people and furthering the incredible vibes with music from our ROLLs that were floating in the hot spring with us.

After making it back to civilization without being eaten by any bears (or moose!) we headed to the Four Corners Monument for a touristy guilty pleasure. Have you ever partied in four states at one time? We have.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we decided to explore our next stop at the Grand Canyon via bike. Biking along the South Rim blasting music from our ROLLs is, in our opinion, the best way to experience this incredible landmark.

From the Grand Canyon we headed to Las Vegas. At this point, Garret had to take a quick trip back to reality and fly back to his first day of classes at Sonoma State University. Luckily, this wasn’t good-bye, since Garret wasn’t going to let anything stop him from joining in on the final stop of the tour at Lake Tahoe. With some help from a few friends, Savanah had the wildest Tuesday of her life, running around the Las Vegas Strip starting dance parties and hiding ROLLs for lucky tourists to find.

It was surreal finally making it back to California after three months on the road. But the trip wasn’t over yet, and the best was yet to come as we set off for the grand finale at Lake Tahoe.

Mud Run

We’ve Upped The Ante With UE BOOM 2

JPG 72 dpi (RGB)-UE BOOM2 Family

Today we once again dare you to take the party anywhere by adding UE BOOM 2 to our colorful lineup of beach-, snow- and anywhere-you-go-proof wireless mobile speakers. Starting first with UE BOOM and now turning things up again with UE BOOM 2, we continue to transform the way people experience music, together, out in the world by completely redefining the Bluetooth® speaker category.

Designed to get wet, muddy and beat up, UE BOOM 2 blasts insanely great sound in every direction. Using the same high-quality materials you have come to expect from us, UE BOOM 2 is waterproof (IPX 7), drop-proof (from up to five feet high), disruptive and bold, plus a whole lot of fun. It’s the size of a water bottle, so stick it in your bike’s water bottle holder or clip it to your bag, turn up life and add dimension to any moment.

Building from the award-winning UE BOOM 360-degree speaker that we launched in 2013, UE BOOM 2 is 25 percent louder with a longer wireless range of 100-feet and a completely waterproof design, so your music can be shared no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It has a 15-hour all-day, all-night battery life, plus, new and innovative tap controls that allow you to skip songs, without needing to have your phone in-hand.  

“Music is about making good moments great moments,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “And by taking your music with you, those great moments are now shareable, anywhere. That’s why every speaker Ultimate Ears designs is durable and adventure-proof with 360-degree sound, including UE BOOM 2. We’ve been leading the category in a new direction, and we’re breaking the mold yet again with UE BOOM 2.”

Plus, UE BOOM 2 gets better with time. Using the UE BOOM 2 app for iOS® and Android™, you can double the sound by pairing UE BOOM 2 with any other Ultimate Ears speaker, remotely turn the speaker on from your phone and even wake up to your favorite music. New updates are sent to UE speakers wirelessly through the app, so you can easily continue to expand features, making each speaker future-proof and even more awesome over time.

UE BOOM 2 comes in six new vibrant color variations: Cherrybomb, Yeti, Phantom, GreenMachine, Tropical and BrainFreeze and is available in many stores worldwide and directly from our website – 


Ultimate Ears + Chasing Sunrise

Lots of you will know that we’ve been on a mammoth journey around the US this summer putting our products through all sorts of crazy tests.

The final stop of The 10,000 Mile Roll is in Lake Tahoe, CA on 29th August and we wanted to do something special to celebrate what has been an incredible summer of adventure (and endurance)!

Together with our friends from Chasing Sunrise we will be hiking the 8,500 feet up Maggie’s Peak in time for a spectacular sunrise.

The hike will begin at 4.30am (with meet-up at 4.15am) and will reach the summit in plenty of time for sunrise at 6.15am.  Accompanied by incredible views of Lake Tahoe at daybreak.

The first 20 people to sign up to attend on this link (and show up on the day) will receive a free UE BOOM from us. Don’t worry if you’re late signing up – we’ll be bringing plenty more goodies on the day too.

If you can make it and would like to help us celebrate the finale of our amazing summer – and see the most incredible sunrise over Lake Tahoe – then we’d love to see you there!

Photo credit to @calsnape.

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